Category: Poetry – 15th Edition

  • If I Were a Bee

    If I were a bee, there would be so much glee. I would curl up in a buttercup flower, instead of being stuck in rush hour. I would dance in the pollen, without the dread of any problems. If a bee were me, excited, it would not be. It’d have to learn how to read.…

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  • The Everyday Grocery List

    Black paint, rug, Rubber gloves, bleach, Sponges, trash bags, Wine, wine glasses, kitchen knife set, Melatonin supplements, Ice packs, band aids, Neosporin, gauze dressing, Shovel, gardening gloves, Kill Alexander Chloe Harrah is the poet of this piece.

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  • Take Me Back

    Take me back To when we were kids Back when boys Were too gross to kiss When the only drugs Were cootie shots We could be anything From princesses to astronauts When we played outside For hours on hours The tall playground slides Turned into castle towers When the world was colorful Dreams as bright…

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  • Sunlight

    You were so feeble and alone. You were a charming little sprig, but alone. I was grateful to help you shine To water and nurture, you Filling in your gaps where you never could. I gave you everything I had. I reveled at your growth, As each one of your buds began to blossom. Now…

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  • Scones

    We were just kids back then Skinned knees, missing teeth Hair coarse with sea salt Hands calloused from the rigging Sat in the crow’s nest Wind tugging on our clothes The ocean far beneath our feet Clanging of ship bells echoing around the bay Stolen scones wrapped in parchment One lemon, one raspberry, Barely savored,…

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  • Daffodils

    The field ahead stretched forever Sunlight piercing through the clouds A sea of yellow blossoms Dancing in the breeze. I walked through Brushing my hand across their flowers Pollen gathering on my fingertips The sweet aroma flowing through the air Flowers parting in a clearing Broken stones once neatly arranged in the center One standing…

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  • November

    November i. November is the bitter month of revival. It forces past memories out of the grave, I fear. Screaming and clawing their way out for survival, begging to be anything but archival. November is the solemn reminder that I am still here. It is climbing the ladder with no end in sight, knowing that…

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  • Potassium Nitrate

    Content Warning: Sensitive topics Flash, BANG, puff of smoke. Infirmary. Inundate. I-C-U. Red hot pain, Bright Red flow. Emergency, Extraction, holding on tight. Ambulance, Automatic, A-C-P. Respiration, Flatline, Punctured Lung. Mother’s grief, Mortuary, Broken home. Connor Vargas is a transfer student from St. Charles Community College, in his 3rd year of instruction. He is an…

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  • My Golden Sun

    Take my breath away. Don’t give it back. Steal it with a thousand kisses. Lock my lips away In a tower filled with roses. Kiss me as we descend down to a field Of lilac and lavender. Our lips coming together while the world Shifts like sunbeams pouring through the clouds. Soak up my tears,…

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  • A Dark-lit Eve in London

    The clock tolls twelve, heard all throughout town; In the streets, a fog rolls around. Near the street corner, a woman stands, Decked in Victorian dress with worrying hands. She seeks a partner for this eve, One willing and easy to deceive. When out of an ally stepped a tall gent, But she could have…

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