My Golden Sun

Take my breath away.

Don’t give it back.

Steal it with a thousand kisses.

Lock my lips away

In a tower filled with roses.

Kiss me as we descend down to a field

Of lilac and lavender.

Our lips coming together while the world

Shifts like sunbeams pouring through the clouds.

Soak up my tears,

Of sadness with bubbly, contagious laughter.

Call me by the name you called me

Back before we met.

Call me by the name you called me

When I was dancing in the rain.

My hair wet on my neck,

My eyes still youthful.

When my hair wasn’t gray and thin.

Speak to me in the same hushed tones,

With whispers of love songs.

Speak to me as your poems sing–

With such love and consideration.

Make my heart beat so fast,

The hummingbirds couldn’t stand it.

Our feet splash in the chilled river water.

It was like dancing on air.

The sun sets are longer now,

As we age.

But the melody of our love still goes strong in my heart.

When I look at you,

I see the boy who proposed,

and the man who still sings.

I see the man who makes us breakfast,

And kisses the side of my head.

You are a golden sun,

In a darkened world.

And I love you.

Arianna Amann is a junior at Lindenwood who is majoring in English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. When she is not writing or reading, she spends her time eating at different restaurants in the Saint Louis area. Someday, after Arianna graduates from university, she wants to own a bookstore.

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