15th Edition Staff

Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson is a transfer student from St. Charles Community College and is majoring in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. He is a member of Sigma Tau Delta National Honor Society for English Studies. He started writing in high school and has written ever since, writing creative pieces in many of his classes throughout his college career, and writing poetry and flash fiction in his spare time. His poem, “The Cube of Time”, was published in the Spring 2022 issue of Arrow Rock and he anticipates more of his writing being published in the future. He is a huge fan of video games, as he plays them whenever he is not working on schoolwork, working or hanging out with his family. Luke is very grateful to be a part of the publishing process a second time for the prized Arrow Rock Literary Journal here at Lindenwood University!

Cheyenne Burns

Cheyenne Burns is a senior at Lindenwood where she majors in English Literature and minors in Gender Studies. With this degree, Cheyenne is certified in recommending that everyone should read The Bell Jar at least once in their lives. In her free time, Cheyenne enjoys buying small knick-knacks from thrift stores, watching her plants sprout a new leaf, collecting cool rocks, and watching Flea Bag. She has been a lifelong reader yet is new to the world of writing with aspirations of one day publishing a few pieces. After Lindenwood, Cheyenne would like to either continue her education by obtaining a Master’s Degree in English or slipping into the forest and becoming a fairy.

Sydney Clark

Sydney Clark is a spring semester senior at Lindenwood University. She received her Bachelors of Arts in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis in the fall of 2022. She is majoring in Music Performance with an Instrumental Emphasis on Bassoon, expecting to graduate in May of 2023. She has had short stories published in Backyard Earth and The World of Myth. Also, she has had poems published Gaia Lit and Academy of the Heart and Mind. In her free time, Sydney works at David’s Bridal, plays video games, writes, and practices music.

Jacob Duerfahrd

Jacob Duerfahrd is a English major with a Emphasis in creative writing and a communications minor.  He is a Senior at Lindenwood univeristy after transferring from STLCC in his junior year- has focused on writing as his main focus. At a very young age he loved to read, and later on write in his free time. He has always loved the fantasy and world building aspects of writing, and has focused on writing as much of this as he can in his free time. As he continues on, he hopes to publish and write novels and long form writing in the future.

Julia Fotiadis

After receiving her associate degree from St. Charles Community College, Julia Fotiadis transferred to Lindenwood University to pursue her true passion… writing! She is an English major, with minors in Creative Writing and Secondary Education, and she has been writing for as long as she can remember. Julia has had short fiction pieces published a few times through online literary journals and is excited to continue publishing her work, which is usually a little bit of everything. Besides exploring the enchanting world of literature, Julia enjoys trying new restaurants and spending time with friends and family. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree, Julia wants to teach creative writing at the high school level. Later, she plans to become a best-selling author… sorry, manifesting.

Emma Leach

Emma Leach is a senior at Lindenwood University, where she is majoring in English Literature. While her end goal is to teach high school literature, she currently works in the service industry and draws many characters and plot lines from those she meets at this job. Though a lifelong reader, she is new to the writing scene and writes mainly fiction and romance stories. In her free time, she enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on, watching Game of Thrones, and playing with her dog.

Kelsey Lehmen

Kelsey Lehmen is a first year student at Lindenwood. She transferred from SIUE this year and is pursuing a degree in English with an emphasis in Secondary Education. She loves reading and writing and while she hasn’t had anything published, it is one of her top goals for the year. Her favorite books include “All The Ugly and Wonderful Things” by Bryn Greenwood and “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. Kelsey’s favorite thing about reading is getting to escape into a world so different from her own. After college, she plans on becoming a high school English teacher and eventually becoming principal. 

Nicholas Mana

Nicholas Mana is a senior at Lindenwood University that is majoring in English with a creative writing emphasis. Nick enjoys all types of writing and he can often be found reading fictional stories usually in the genre of fantasy, science fiction, action, and when he is feeling crazy a little romance. Don’t worry nonfiction writers! Nick enjoys reading that too. In fact, one of his favorite books is Band of Brothers by Steven E. Ambrose. Nick has only been published once in his writing career to a website dedicated to Haiku Poetry called 5-7-5 Haiku Journal. Though he knows this is a fairly small accomplishment, he holds this with great pride and hopes to get more pieces out there to be published in the future. Keep in mind Nick is a giant nerd and is always on the lookout for the next awesome world to explore and think about!

Ethan Plate

Ethan Plate is a sophomore at Lindenwood studying Creative Writing and Philosophy/Religion. He works as a tutor in the writing center, and when he gets some free time, he likes to spend it listening to and playing music and writing poetry. Ethan has liked poetry since his childhood and has been writing it devotedly for the past few years. The poetry he writes is usually religious-themed with a lot of apocalyptic imagery. He has been previously published at Arrow Rock. 

Sarah Rau

Sarah Rau is an undergraduate student of Lindenwood University majoring in English Studies with interests in creative writing and professional communications. She has had her poem “Lady Lampshade” published in Arrow Rock’s 14th issue and looks forward to the upcoming publication of more work in their 15th issue. Though more of a fiction-based writer, she enjoys taking the time to express herself in the occasional poem. In her free time, she can most often be found trying to lose herself in the world of a fantasy novel or spending time with her pet rabbits. 

Brenden Stock

Brenden Stock is a junior Creative Writing major, when he graduates, he will also have minors in both Game Design and Anthropology. Originally attending Lindenwood for Anthropology with an Archaeological Emphasis Brenden changed his major at the end of his sophomore year. He currently plans on becoming a video game writer after graduation and hopes to one day write a book. Brenden is currently a member of Lindenwood’s creative writing club and works for LU reslife as an OA at the Linden Lodge. In high school, Brenden was on the varsity swim team and in his school’s jazz band, marching band, and symphonic band. In his free time, Brenden still enjoys swimming as often as he can, reading, writing, and watching a good movie.

Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas is a transfer student from St. Charles Community College and is now a senior at Lindenwood University majoring in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Jordan enjoys writing mostly short stories that serve as character pieces. He is also a huge film fan and taking a screenwriting course in Community College is what sparked his interest in writing. His favorite book, which also had a hand in sparking his interest in writing, is Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. In his free time, you can find Jordan most likely in a movie theater or on a trail somewhere with his friends. Jordan does not know what he wants to do with his degree at the moment, he just hopes he can find a job that lets him express his creativity. 

Kat Townsend

Kat is a senior student at Lindenwood University majoring in environmental biology with a creative writing minor. Her love of poetry blossomed in high school when she met her best friend; they exchanged their favorite Poindexter and Bukowski works and spent their days penning each other poems and listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers in the park. He encouraged her to pursue her passions and she has been writing ever since. When she isn’t swamped in homework, Kat can be found hanging out with her two dogs, creating art, or cooking for her friends. 

Connor Vargas

Connor Vargas is a transfer student from St. Charles Community College, in his 3rd year of instruction. He is an English major with an emphasis in Creative Writing. His love for writing started at a young age and has been producing works ever since. After college, he is hoping to get a job in the games or cinema industry as a story writer, but will settle for any work he can find with a BA of Arts.

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