We were just kids back then

Skinned knees, missing teeth

Hair coarse with sea salt

Hands calloused from the rigging

Sat in the crow’s nest

Wind tugging on our clothes

The ocean far beneath our feet

Clanging of ship bells echoing around the bay

Stolen scones wrapped in parchment

One lemon, one raspberry,

Barely savored, jam smeared on our faces

Her laugh barely hidden between bites

Our hiding spot soon discovered

Given away by the circling of seagulls

Parents reprimanding us for ruining dinner

This would still not be the last time.

Scones taste better in good company

Hidden from the world

I’d give everything for that moment again

To hear her laugh again.

Cait Boyle is a senior at Lindenwood University. She is majoring in Game Design, with additional minors in both Studio Art and Creative Writing. She often writes short stories in the horror genre. In her free time, she enjoys sewing, drawing, and playing tabletop games with friends and family

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