You were so feeble and alone.

You were a charming little sprig, but alone.

I was grateful to help you shine

To water and nurture, you

Filling in your gaps where you never could.

I gave you everything I had.

I reveled at your growth,

As each one of your buds began to blossom.

Now you shine, radiant and strong.

The abyss that once drowned you has been filled.

That little sprig is gone, everyone sees that now.

You look so happy savoring your new light,

but you’ve no room left for me.

I gave you everything I had.

I shown my sunlight upon you,

And you took it all,

You bask in it.

I don’t want to feel this

I don’t want to hate you,

to hate the new light you possess,

to hate the light, that I can’t be a part of,

to hate the light, that left a gaping void in me.

I gave you, everything I had,

But you never cared to give to me.

Adam Arnold is a freshman at Lindenwood University where he majors in English Literature with an Emphasis is Creative Writing. Adam has a love for both reading and writing dark fantasy. Some of his hobbies include: playing video games such as Dark Souls, playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, watching anime with his brother, and working out at the gym. One day, Adam hopes to publish a series of fantasy novels.

Featured Art: A Quiet Place to Read by Raven Knight

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