Category: Poetry – 15th Edition

  • Ballad

    The dirt had dried on his overalls by the time he laid his wife into the ground. Tuberculosis, buried under a tree, any tree tall enough after the wind had leveled the land. He drove into town to certify her death, but beady-eyed kept driving past the flour mills and corn. His kid was crying.…

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  • If These Walls Could Talk

    As I open the door to my childhood home one last time, I feel all these emotions rush through me. Icried. Tears of sadness because this was my childhood home. Tears of happiness aswell because of the new adventure and growth elsewhere that awaits. When I walk inside the house is bare nothing left but…

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  • Reincarnated Poem

    Why did you put those flowers in your hair? Don’t you know the stems would never grow? The dust would never collect in such a way that little figurines of clay would sit up, out of protest, and do a rain dance on the yellow page. They spread your ashes in the river water. They…

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  • Lately

    Leave the haunted house. I won’t stop you. But these ghosts will follow you out onto the sidewalk, and into school buses. You’ll timidly wait for stop lights to turn green, yellow, red. You’ll ration out your self-esteem with glances at the joggers on the crosswalk. Look both ways when you cross the street, please.…

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  • Those Markers of Change

    As the rain drops fall heavy with leaves,A slick ground and the musk of decay,That last autumnal butterfly;Those markers of change made;In brief moment, the covered bricksDisappear beneath the vibrant cacheOf golds, oranges and rouges. Jackson Martin

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  • The Curtains are Relaxed

    Fair cool winds,Oh breath of winter airs!Blood rushing to the tips of fingers,To cheeks nestled beneath collars;The movement of life hidden beneath collars:Hidden inside and curled by the fire;The blowing breath of Demeter’s forlornLeft as a mysterious and disquieting suggestion:The curtains are relaxed. Jackson Martin

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  • Current Relations

    When your stem is left behind, Ease into the water Tolerate the currents when Little flows in your favor As you float along the river, be the Natural consistent, passing by the Daisies and dandelions that Start to wither Eric Mulherin is a writer and musician from St. Louis. He enjoys experimenting with with different…

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  • Maybe Lilac, Maybe Lavender

    Travelling across a path of purple flowers, Maybe lilacs, maybe lavender; I am no horticulturist.My journey: Entire and whole and perfect; Abound and across from pleasant point To points of progressional knowledge.To gaze above, to the quiet rustle of the trees; Scent of earthen good travels; The first leaves begin to spiral.Soon, those lilacs or…

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  • Into Wayward Skies

    Robins on the grass,Shaded by the might oak,The noble linden;Might one grow wings:To fly up high,Away from the noise.Fresh fallen autumn leaves,They scrape against the ground,Had once soared like dreams.Both will shrivel and die,Blowing into dust,Into wayward skies. Jackson Martin

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  • Below Earth

    Earth’s thick crust Lay volcanic ash and rock Becoming jewels Colby Harris

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