The dirt had dried

on his overalls

by the time he laid

his wife into the ground.

Tuberculosis, buried

under a tree, any

tree tall enough after

the wind had leveled the land.

He drove into town

to certify her death,

but beady-eyed kept driving

past the flour mills and corn.

His kid was crying.

Corn already dying.

These days never raining,

and pigeons in the dry gutter


Ethan Plate is a sophomore at Lindenwood studying Creative Writing and Philosophy/Religion. He works as a tutor in the writing center, and when he gets some free time, he likes to spend it listening to and playing music and writing poetry. Ethan has liked poetry since his childhood and has been writing it devotedly for the past few years. The poetry he writes is usually religious-themed with a lot of apocalyptic imagery. He has been previously published at Arrow Rock. 

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