Reincarnated Poem

Why did you put

those flowers in your hair?

Don’t you know

the stems would never grow?

The dust would never collect

in such a way

that little figurines of clay

would sit up,

out of protest,

and do a rain dance on the yellow page.

They spread your ashes

in the river water.

They released the catfish

back in the river water.

And the life-blood from the hook scar

mingled with the ashes,

in such a way,

that witnesses must testify

to your triumphant emergence from the sea.

Does the bloody water

justify your daisy wreath?

Ethan Plate is a sophomore at Lindenwood studying Creative Writing and Philosophy/Religion. He works as a tutor in the writing center, and when he gets some free time, he likes to spend it listening to and playing music and writing poetry. Ethan has liked poetry since his childhood and has been writing it devotedly for the past few years. The poetry he writes is usually religious-themed with a lot of apocalyptic imagery. He has been previously published at Arrow Rock. 

Featured Art: Spring has Awaken by Cheyenne Burns

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