The field ahead stretched forever

Sunlight piercing through the clouds

A sea of yellow blossoms

Dancing in the breeze.

I walked through

Brushing my hand across their flowers

Pollen gathering on my fingertips

The sweet aroma flowing through the air

Flowers parting in a clearing

Broken stones once neatly arranged in the center

One standing tall above the rest

Weathered and cracked

Stone battered and bleached,

Worn by years of sun and wind

I knelt before it.

It still read her name,

Years after she left.

Cait Boyle is a senior at Lindenwood University. She is majoring in Game Design, with additional minors in both Studio Art and Creative Writing. She often writes short stories in the horror genre. In her free time, she enjoys sewing, drawing, and playing tabletop games with friends and family

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