A Dark-lit Eve in London

The clock tolls twelve, heard all throughout town;

In the streets, a fog rolls around.

Near the street corner, a woman stands,

Decked in Victorian dress with worrying hands.

She seeks a partner for this eve,

One willing and easy to deceive.

When out of an ally stepped a tall gent,

But she could have no idea of his true intent.

Thinking herself the predator and not the prey,

She quickly lured him away.

But the surprised was all her own,

When it was she who lie slew upon the stones

Sarah Rau is an undergraduate student of Lindenwood University majoring in English Studies with interests in creative writing and professional communication. Though more of a fiction-based writer, she enjoys taking the time to express herself in the occasional poem. In addition to this piece, she has other works published in Arrow Rock’s 14th and 15th editions. In her free time, she can most often be found trying to lose herself in the world of a fantasy novel.

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