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If insanity runs like water
then I hope my glass overflows.
The two-story brick building
never felt like home.
I draw back the curtains
for the sun to dry up the puddle that stirs my mind.
I open the windows
and the wind whispers secrets.
I don’t open the door.
I don’t go outside.
For fear that the sun will fade,
or the wind will get laryngitis.

What happens if I drown?
What if the glass begins to flood,
who will save me?
Six feet never felt like much
for a woman shackled with anxiety.
But the two-story brick building
never felt like home.
And now six feet begins to ache
like the miles I’ve walked
to pour the water down the drain.

Madilynne Fischer

Madilynne Fischer is a 21-year-old aspiring writer from Saint Peters, Missouri. She is a current Junior at Lindenwood University with intentions of publishing her own poetry book in the future. During this time of uneasiness, Madilynne likes to take her dog on long walks and occasionally breaks from the outdoors to do some writing to ease her mind.

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