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Gun up, barrel down.
I end up in some sort of stupid town.
Know not where the people go,
But without reprieve, they say
I only know the status quo.

It illustrates a fate, one unknown
To them or familiar to prey alone.
They die yet die yet die yet die,
For as I rest or unsheath it here,
They live and die in that unholy sky.

Guns up, barrels down.
We kind of hate this good ole town.
It looks bad. Yes, I know,
But we had to leave,
Or chaos they would sow.

It harvests our soul, that body of
Soldiers and scholars that we cannot see above.
They resist and resist and resist and resist,
For we as move forward unto thee,
They will come on, not least til we desist.

Zane Bell

Hailing from the town of Washington, Missouri, Zane Bell is a senior majoring in History and English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. He spent much of his youth enjoying hunts with his father but has since grown quite weary of the elements. Now, he pursues indoor passions by playing Valorant, keeping up with geopolitics, and watching anime (mostly Attack on Titan). At some point, he hopes to publish a series of gritty sci-fi novels that he has been working on since November 2018. He has been published in the Arrow Rock Literary Journal thrice and served as one of its assistant editors once before this issue.

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