4000 Plus Me

4,000 plus me

In a town named for what it will never be.

4,000 faces, 8,000 eyes

All watching to see if I could ever touch the skies.

This is the place where dreams get squandered,

Especially for those who’ve never wandered.

I want to find new places to see,

A place where I can be me.

In this town they know when I’ve lied,

I want to go where I don’t have to hide.

In this town success is hard to find,

I want to be where my dreams can’t be declined.

Though home is how this place will always seem,

My dream is to go where city lights gleam.

This has been my place to grow,

But now it is time for me to put on a show.

I am ready to go out and see,

How I would do without the town of 4,000 minus me.

Megan VanLoo

Megan VanLoo is a freshman at Lindenwood University where she is studying Finance with a minor in English. She was born and raised in California, Missouri. In her free time, Megan enjoys spending time with her friends and family, writing, and swimming.

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