Category: 15th Edition

  • If I Were a Bee

    If I were a bee, there would be so much glee. I would curl up in a buttercup flower, instead of being stuck in rush hour. I would dance in the pollen, without the dread of any problems. If a bee were me, excited, it would not be. It’d have to learn how to read.…

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  • The Phoenix of Carthac

    Two men stood atop the serene mountain, both unmoving in a white field of flowers. One was covered in a cloak that seemed to pull in the heat from the world around it as it billowed gently in the wind; the only identifying mark was a small crest on the left side of the figure’s…

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  • The Stryzga

    A stryzga is a mythological creature from slavic folklore, a female demon or vampire-like figure, feared to pray travelers in the night. According to myth, people with odd peculiarities such as people born with two sets of teeth, those who did not grow hair in their armpits, or those with a unibrow or some kind…

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  • We Haven’t Spoken In Some Time

    The bathroom is nice at least. That’s sort of Finn’s one saving grace in this moment, sitting on the lid of a toilet in an apartment they’d never been to in a part of town they specifically avoided so that they might have never had to live through this exact encounter. Their eyes skirt over…

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  • The Princess and Me

    The day before harvest everyone was excited to finally become a part of a nice home-cooked meal. The corn was ready to be buttered, the wheat was excited to be a warm loaf of bread, and my family was excited to bathe in a nice, warm pot of stew. Everyone had come to terms with…

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  • Ragnarok

    Drip. Drip. Drip. The sound echoed incessantly across the quartz and iron walls that formed the underground prison. Drip. Drip. Drip. The acid drops fell one after another into the rusted bowl suspended by trembling hands just above his head. Drip. Drip. Drip. There were but two other noises that dared pierce the silence of…

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  • The Everyday Grocery List

    Black paint, rug, Rubber gloves, bleach, Sponges, trash bags, Wine, wine glasses, kitchen knife set, Melatonin supplements, Ice packs, band aids, Neosporin, gauze dressing, Shovel, gardening gloves, Kill Alexander Chloe Harrah is the poet of this piece.

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  • Her Singing Bones

    A kingdom fell under a drought which caused a deep famine. The king and queen did everything they could to heal the land and take care of their people. They even told their children that if either of them found a way to heal the land, that child would get the throne. They had two…

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  • Take Me Back

    Take me back To when we were kids Back when boys Were too gross to kiss When the only drugs Were cootie shots We could be anything From princesses to astronauts When we played outside For hours on hours The tall playground slides Turned into castle towers When the world was colorful Dreams as bright…

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  • Sunlight

    You were so feeble and alone. You were a charming little sprig, but alone. I was grateful to help you shine To water and nurture, you Filling in your gaps where you never could. I gave you everything I had. I reveled at your growth, As each one of your buds began to blossom. Now…

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