Up in Flames

Delilah Abell 

Beautiful and talented 

All women envy her, all men want her. 

 But her eyes lock on one thing… power. 

An actress by day… arsonist by night. 

Manipulation and force are her key to success 

She auditions and is accepted, it’s very rare that she is rejected.  

If she is rejected, well… they will surely pay. 

Their company will go up in flames. 

So, as you can see, entertainment industries have no voice. 

Casting her as the lead is their best and only choice. 

In sad way, she’s gets away with it.  

Destruction and chaos 

She’s even enjoys it. 

 A warning to all entertainment industries 

The next time you see the name Delilah Abell 

Remember to give her the lead role.  

Never, Never, never reject her. 

Or you will burn in her hell hole. 

It’s not difficult to recognize her 

Eyes that are hazel, and bright as the sun. 

Brunette hair that looks black from a distance. 

Olive skin that’s oil resistant.   

From the looks of it, she seems innocent in a way. 

But as you know, your true self always gives you away. 

Her indication is the look of hatred  

Eyes changing into a lifeless black 

The saying goes “If looks could kill, you be dead.” 

With her death stare, you can’t never get that image out of your head.  

Once again, I plead, cast her as the lead. 

Your company will be safe… And undemolished. 

But most of all, make sure that one day she will pay. 

Justice will be served. 

Her luxurious life will… go up in flames. 

Andre Tompkins a junior at Lindenwood University (soon to be Senior this fall!), earning their bachelor’s degree in Social work while minoring in psychology, Gender Studies, and creative writing. Andre is currently an editor for Lindenwood’s undergraduate literary journal called Arrow Rock. Plus, Andre was also an editor for The Gateway Review: Journal of Magic Realism, while they were attending St. Charles Community College. Andre is an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion in all literary forms. And they identify as a non-binary person of color. Their ultimate dream is to write stories that are diverse and inclusive, that their readers will be represented in an authentic and positive way

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