Grapes make the wine of the Von Keller line 
Bines tangle, duties to church and country cross birthright 
 Bedight the uniform of gallant might 
Courante the battlefield, she reaps the souls 

She closes herself off from the rest of them 
Condemn behind masks of falsehood she bares 
Millionaire’s despairs of a time before 
A world at war, she calls for my return. 

Brought into a world, not of my own birth  
Caught in pools of purple, I find myself 
Digits lingering in fields of yellow strands 
Unworldly beauty beams, white shines splendidly 

Taller than myself, I complement her 
My Rosemarie is my grand talisman. 


This is a sonnet between a god and his creation. Rosemarie is a character of my own work. This sonnet is about a war-torn world and Rosemarie is of noble birth. She comes from a family of winemakers. Thus Von Keller. Keller is a German-surname for winemakers. This poem is about her life before the creator/god/writer gets brought into his own work. It also makes the last part more clear. She is a very religious person thus the inner battle between her family and the church. He is the reason that caused her mask to drop  and she smiles so brightly at him. The first two parts are Rosemarie’s history with the last being what the creator sees. The last two lines are the creator’s thoughts of his creation.  

Vocabulary Used: 

Courante: a court dance of moving forward and then retreating. Her armies tactics in ‘The Grand War’. 
Bedight: adorned or making something prettier or better. This refers to her accomplishments in the military. 
Talisman: A good luck charm. This is actually from an old german song in which I got the name for Rosemarie. Name of song is, “Es ist so schön Soldat zu sein”. Song also goes by, “Rosemarie Lied”. 
Complement: a thing that completes or brings to perfection. 

Owen James Napolitano has studied at DeVry and Southern New Hampshire University. Owen is currently studying at Lindenwood University for creative writing. He enjoys writing his own characters and new worlds to explore. When he is not at college, he is working at Amazon. He has one published piece.

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