Flower Fields

Two young children running in a field,

One big, one small,

The girl squealed,

As she tumbled through a fall.

The boy caught her as he always had,

Her laugh was big and bright,

He swore he could go mad

For her smile was like daylight.

As the two got older he knew

That they would both move on,

She would start her life anew,

But he would still think of her come dawn.

The day came sooner than expected,

And she was sad to go,

He wished not to be affected,

But he missed her desperately so.

He wrote to her,

And signed with love,

But in the night he would still stir

Though he tried not to she was all he could think of.

The years passed by

And still he wondered of the one,

Still blue was the sky

Of when they used to run.

Crisana Owens is an undergraduate going for her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Pre-Law and her minor in Creative Writing. She is currently a senior and set for graduation. Writing is her favorite hobby and she hopes to one day publish a novel.

Featured Art: Spring has Awaken by Cheyenne Burns

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