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A child simply thought of everything they have yet to accomplish,

grew older and realized to make a self investment

To gain advantage.

craved as a child was total acceptance,

But was always met with an alternative expression.

Now all that I am left with is depression.

Nothing new, depression.

Sorrow stops me on the tracks in the train of the goals left to accomplish

consistently and constantly craving an investment.

Someone to give an advantage.

Instead of sleeping on the coach in acceptance

Of the letter F grade expression.

Autism though is a new Expression

Did it cause the depression?

I wondered what I still could accomplish

Lists are my best self investment

Otherwise every breath my brain leaps to make an advantage.

Scattered, trying to do the next thing before the first thing before the last thing for acceptance,

Pretending to be everyone else for acceptance

Idolizing their every expression

Just so I dont hate myself into a depression

What they do I don’t understand how to accomplish

Faking it till I make it is a fake investment

In myself, but I refuse to give up the advantage

Every thought I think is an advantage

I lose myself in the thoughts I have of acceptance

Neurodivergent isn’t a negative Expression

Nor a state of depression

My thoughts are something they could never accomplish

No matter how big the investment

Leaning into who I am is the true investment

Unique tools only my brain has the key to take advantage

I just didn’t allow myself acceptance

Resulting in total chaotic expression

The key to escaping my depression

Success isn’t impossible to accomplish

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