The Dissociation of Isolation

The world

has become withered

& I feel myself

faltering as well.

Numbness infiltrates me

as numbers rise

and we




At home,

I sit,

nose pressed to glass

watching as the world wilts away

& I am left

feeling helpless

 & distant

                                                & restless.

Each time I leave

my temporary prison,

I wear cloth

tight across my face,

hoping this invisible creature

won’t sneak in

& steal away with

my essence.

Or worse,

cling to me silently,

only to slither to another

when it sees fit,

mercilessly destroying many

it its wake.

The world has



I no longer want to see

people fading away 

& those above privileged enough

to choose not to help.

I just want

this nightmare

                        to dissolve.

Bonnie Shinn

Bonnie Shinn is a resident of New Hampshire and studies as an MFA student in New England College’s Creative Writing program. She focuses her studies on both poetry and fiction, finding comfort in expanding on her feelings on femininity, mental health, and dystopian worlds. 

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