Corona Chaos

You started as a whisper

from somewhere far away,

another thing to ignore,

not something here to stay.

How clever you are!

You proved us all wrong.

Here you are now,

still going strong.

You’ve taken so much,

too much to name.

So many moments in time

will never be the same.

The highest toll yet

still remains lives.

Yet nowhere near satisfied

is your appetite.

You’re a master at weaving

fear through our hearts.

Even those most hopeful

are left worried and lost.

We’re stuck in our homes

while you’re out to play.

Oh Covid-19,

please go away!

Lydia Stewart 

Lydia Stewart is a senior at Lindenwood University who will be graduating in May. She will be attending Washington University School of Law and utilizes writing in her free time to maintain her sanity throughout the chaos that is COVID-19. 

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