I walk to get away from people, 
To escape the noise, 
Responsibilities and homework, 
Not to mention chores. 
When I walk, there’s just me and music 
Blasting in my ear, 
The same few songs over and over. 
I like it that way. 
In my head, it’s all fantasy scenes, 
Spaceships and magic, 
Stuff I want to write about later, 
Some that’s just for me. 
There’s a person. I should keep distance. 
To the other side 
Of the road I go, avoiding cars. 
There’s more people there! 
What about a pandemic makes everyone want to go outside? 
On the sidewalk, 
Keep my distance. 
Walk on the grass, 
Keep my distance. 
Smile and wave, 
Keep my distance. 
There’s a person I recognize. 
My stepmom’s walking. 
I shouldn’t be surprised; this route’s hers 
To get away to. 
I’m bored of walking. 
There are too many people to dodge. 
Going back inside. 
Maybe I should find some new music. 

Joseph Coogan

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