The Shadow

Here I come,

but with your permission.

I don’t come alone.

I come with my shadow,

one that doesn’t leave me alone,

since a long time ago.

I don’t like her,

but I can’t take her away from me.

She says that she loves me

but who loves you,

doesn’t hurt you.

I don’t want to

drag you with her.

I don’t want

your world turned dark

because of her.



with your joy,

I will stop being her toy.

Your light

and attitude,

makes her concern

in a way that I didn´t expect.

You are a skylight

that appeared without request,

but that illuminates

every corner as a bless.

Fernanda Poblete is a junior English Literature- Creative writing student with a minor in History. Her first novel was inspired by the Covid pandemic. One of her pieces was published in 2020 in Lindenwood’s Creepy Campfire Stories. Fernanda is from Chile and came to Lindenwood thanks to a tennis scholarship.

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