The Farewell

Take me in your arms, don’t let go of me.

Hug me until fear and pain leave my mind.

I will be your voice and the strength that you lost.

I will achieve the justice you deserve.

Give me this moment to frame your essence.

I want to retain the warmth of your hands,

and feel how your heart beats, which was wounded,

a damn September night away from home.

I would like to be with you on this trip.

But I´m not yet ready for such approach.

I hope that where you go is beautiful,

where the life of women is valuable,

where you can be yourself without being judged.

Here I will stay, so that you can be heard,

so that your story is remembered,

and no angel open their wings so soon.

Fernanda Poblete is a junior English Literature- Creative writing student with a minor in History. Her first novel was inspired by the Covid pandemic. One of her pieces was published in 2020 in Lindenwood’s Creepy Campfire Stories. Fernanda is from Chile and came to Lindenwood thanks to a tennis scholarship.

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