Sins of the Creator

Deliver us from woe, Oh creator!

Oh lord above, can’t you hear us? Traitor!

This fuss of a cuss has turned us to rust.

Our twilight dawns, we will be turned to Dust?

Ban the fiction! Hear our benediction!

Save us from damnation! For Salvation!

Stop this fabrication, abdication!

Have you heard of our extermination?!

For the war draws closer, the walls will fall.

Enemies unite together, they maul!

Demons wear our skin, original sin!

Return! Hear us lord! For we can not win!

The land is blood-drenched. Have we been condemned?

Save man from your sin! Is our fate truly stemmed?

Owen James Napolitano has studied at DeVry and Southern New Hampshire University. Owen is currently studying at Lindenwood University for creative writing. He enjoys writing his own characters and new worlds to explore. When he is not at college, he is working at Amazon. He has one published piece.

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