Night broke against the sky,

Sunlight twinkled across the horizon.

Disco balls and dancing teens,

There were flutters of attraction.

Laughter fluttered lightly in the air, 

Circling and grasping attention. 

The sound of crashing waves amplified,

Whispering, wondering, waving.

I bolted to the ocean, my feet slapping and spraying sand.

My clothes fell off as I approached the water, slipping and sliding down.

I leapt into the crystal abyss, 

Immediately caught in a cradling wave that swept me into a sweet embrace.

For a moment, I was cherished.

Waves of thought spiraled and swirled.

I was sucked, pulled, and dancing.

Laughing sprinkled and the crystals floated through the air.

The next, I was spat out, slammed back onto the sand.

I tried to sit up, but I could not stand.

The ocean vomited debris,

It sloshed back into the void, scurrying away from me.

I screamed! The sky, gathering in large dark clouds, lightning flashed.

The waves struck again, throwing me on my ass.

Horrified and hurt, I cowered from the sky.

I slid back on my clothes

Didn’t wave the ocean goodbye.

Arianna Amann is a junior at Lindenwood who is majoring in English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing. When she is not writing or reading, she spends her time eating at different restaurants in the greater Saint Louis area. Someday, after Arianna graduates university, she wants to own a bookstore.

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