I want to…

I want to see

the people I love,

to hug them without gloves,

and devour the world

with my beloved.

I want to smile with

my mouth uncovered,

without feeling smothered.

I want to take the hand of my lover,

to feel that I hover,

forgetting the suffer,

and to go out on the street

detaching myself

from my bed cover.

I want the night

with its old attributions,

that in the air

dance the illusion,

disappearing the reclusion.

I want the world

to trust again and

turn without spreading pain.

Fernanda Poblete is a junior English Literature- Creative writing student with a minor in History. Her first novel was inspired by the Covid pandemic. One of her pieces was published in 2020 in Lindenwood’s Creepy Campfire Stories. Fernanda is from Chile and came to Lindenwood thanks to a tennis scholarship.

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