Creator’s Heart

We are Stonewood, 
a place where thinkers, think; 
and dreamers, dream. 

We are Artists, 
ones that imagine the world in abstract colors; 
and ones who can change the world for the better. 

We are writers, 
who can make a world of our own; 
and make our imaginations come to life. 

We are crystals, 
ones that shine like the sun; 
and ones that are dark like the night. 

We are the creators of the world, 
and we shall continue to create 
for as long as our hearts may go on. 

Raven Knight is an artistic person and loves to write stories. She has about twenty-plus stories in the making. She already has two poems published: one in her high schools Literary Magazine and one in her colleges Creepy Campfire Stories 2019 edition, and a short story published on Amazon E-books.

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