Another Bronze Medallion

Is it better to always go for gold, 
To achieve it one in three, 
Or to always get third place? 
I know they say that life is not a race, 
But it always felt like that was something 
That people who think they are kind say only to your face. 
What if you risked it all for that gold medallion, 
But the bronze medal was awarded to your quickest pace? 
Would you smile proudly as that hung around your neck? 
Would that be happiness shrouding your face? 
Was it enough for you that you ran at all? 
Would you find comfort in the fact that you’d placed? 
You’d still stand on the podium, 
At least a few inches above the crowd, 
But the tallest among them might stand your equal, 
Would you still feel proud? 
Your bronze medals will clank against each other 
As you walk throughout your life, 
The sound will be beautiful, like wind chimes, 
And it’ll cut through each bout of silence like a knife. 
And although the bronze is much lighter than the gold, 
Your neck will slowly break beneath their weight, 
You’ll keep polishing the bronze and hoping for silver, 
But you’ll continue at this rate. 
The wise old Greeks found your beloved bronze unequaled; 
They built their perfect people the same burnt gold hue. 
But even they found it more practical than beautiful, 
And they melted their bronze masterpieces, save for an overlooked few. 
Those that remained were mistakes, now a sickly green, 
They remind you of decay, of mold, 
Of the dirty, worthless pennies you’ve found in the street, 
So different from their favored bold. 
Your bronze trophies luster now, but 
One day, too, your medals will meet this fate. 
And, as you always have, 
you’ll wish for gold and silver, 
But crushed beneath your pile of almost, 
It is far too late. 

Victoria Lane is a graduating senior at Lindenwood, completing her degree with majors in Game Design, Digital and Web Design, and Art History. She plans to continue her education through Lindenwood’s Writing MFA, where she intends to write more original fiction and poetry. She loves to read comic books, collect action figures, watch films, play video games, make art, and yes, write. 

Portfolio –

Instagram – @victoriamadilynlanee 

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