The Published Perspective with Madi DiMercurio

The Published Perspective with Madi DiMercurio


Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I’ve been writing fiction since second grade and self-publishing for the first time in seventh grade.


Q: How has Lindenwood helped shape your writing?

A: I’m first a fiction writer and I’ve been able to broaden my type of writing. Now I have the basic skills of poetry and the confidence to write non-fiction. I’ve had the privilege to receive feedback from peers and professors about my craft and had the cool experience of being a part of a workshopping group who gave truthful feedback. It’s all helped me write better and find my weaknesses and how to strengthen them.      


Q: Speaking of publishing, how many of your pieces have been published?

A: I’ve had two published in the Lindenwood University Literary Journal, Arrow Rock (“Toxic Dreams”, and “His Sunflower”) and one with Z Publishing. The other’s are all self-published on I find it fun to design the book. It’s cool to get published, but I get excited when I’ve created and written something on my own that is bound that my family and friends can read.        


Q: About how many pieces have you sent out?

A: Three. Four times in total. I’m a novelist mostly so I only have a few short stories.  


Q: How often do you send out work?

A: Pretty rare. Mostly if I’m in the mood or if I have to for a class.   


Q: How long did it take you to get published?
A: Well, Z Publishing contacted me. So, it seems like I cheated maybe? But I guess right away after they saw me in the Lindenwood Literary Journal through WordPress.


Q: How do you navigate rejection?

A: I really don’t like it. I give myself time to have a day of sadness. I have momentary doubt about whether my short story is good or not.  Then I kind of say, “Fine, if you guys didn’t want it maybe this other journal will.”


Q: Any tips for keeping your spirits up while submitting?

A: Just keep reminding yourself that the first time with 99.9% be a rejection. For me the hardest part is not hitting the submit button, but getting the email and not knowing what it will say. So just keep reminding yourself that it is not personal, and that there are many more journals out there that may want your work. You just have to work for it to find the right journal at the right time.  


Q: Any advice for fellow Lindenwood University writers?

A: Don’t stop writing. And first and foremost write what you love. Don’t worry about what’s popular. And don’t let people put you down, ignore the doubt and negativity and push through all of that. People are writers because they love the art. So don’t stop because of other people’s opinions.  




portraitMadi DiMercurio is a junior at Lindenwood University. Her work has been published with Z Publishing House and The Arrow Rock Literary Journal. She has also self-published through Blurb.

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