Hold On

Hold On

Karina Mehmert

I know it’s getting harder

Harder to hold on

But no one knows that better

Than those who’ve loved you all along

It’s hard to see you like this

Especially when I can do nothing

But I know you can get through this

Please keep trying

If you won’t try for yourself

Then try for me

I wouldn’t ask this of anybody else

So please

Just try for me

I owe so much to you

You helped me be the person I am today

And there’s still so much left to do

Please don’t throw your tomorrows away

Don’t you know what’s out there

There’s so much we haven’t seen

Don’t you want to go out where

You can live just one more dream

If you won’t dream for yourself

Then dream for me

I wouldn’t ask this of anybody else

So please

Just dream for me

I want to learn everything about who you are

There are so many stories I haven’t heard

I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface so far

You know so much I hang on to your every word

I know so little about faith and life

You have a lot  more to teach me

You helped me see the world in a new light

But I’m scared of a world without you by me

When I look into your eyes I know I can do anything

I don’t want our time to be through

To me you are everything

I love you

So if you won’t hold on for love of yourself

Then hold on for your love of me

I wouldn’t ask this of anybody else

Because I believe together we are strong

Just hold on

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