Consuming Words

Consuming Words

Isabel Manu

I wish.

I wish I possessed catastrophic words

Dangerously malignantly unsparingly piercing words

I wish my mouth poured with them deliciously

Or spat them out viscously

Killer words who are so maliciously

running out of my mouth in their infantries

I wish we possessed them.

Words pungent with havoc

Exploding, Erupting, Escalating

drowning you with their Mavericks of treachery

I wish I possessed murderous words

with their own fatalities,

Spurting out with so much brutality.

With no regards to the banalities

For they are on the verge of declaring insanity.

But society said SH

I wish my words raised goose bumps on your flesh

that they created such apocalyptic tragedies

With the death of your sanity being a formality

I wish my words were reeking with noxious fetor

that their truest nature something of a horror

I wish my words had their own poisonous diagnosis

Fatally almost explosive

Leaving your new self deformed and affected

stripping your being with the feeling of being molested

lacerating your beliefs like no one ever could

Scorching through every single person’s livelihood

Igniting wars and the genocide of stability

Leaving in ruins homes, cities, and countries

pillaging conformity and comfortability

But society said SH

I do not know how to put this so bluntly

I wish I possessed words with such violent measures

I hope they bring you the worst of displeasures

Words that you can not swallow so gently

Affecting you so intensely

Killing you so abusively

I wish I spoke these words

I wish I spoke these words

but society made me swallow them

and in silence my words shall succumb

So, SH


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