Letter From the Father

Letter From the Father

Devin Mitchell Durbin


“I know you feel so small

you say, but in my eyes

I see a giant. I see a man.

Don’t lock yourself away

there’s so much left to see.


Don’t let the serpent around your neck.

You’ll hang yourself if he gets too far.

It’s easy to see what’s here and now,

But your emotions are nothing to fear

I hear it and see it in your eyes, ‘How?’ How do I love you?

You took the step, made the jump

you leaped!

You said you ran, but you knew one thing

I’d catch you.


No matter what you did I am here.

No matter what you said I am here.

No matter who you think you are.

No matter cuts, the bruises, self-inflicted shame.

I see a giant in your soul!

I see a future you can’t see!


All you know is the here and now,

You see the reaping of the sin you sowed.

Don’t look here, I’ve made you knew.

Once and for all, the weak will be made giants.

Don’t lock yourself away –

Someone is watching.

You are more important than you ever

Thought you were.

My son.”

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