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  • His Father’s Pen

    His Father’s Pen Nathan Applebaum – First Place in Fiction Royce’s father had a beautiful quill pen. Royce used to watch his father write with it. There was nothing interesting in the words, dull names and endless numbers. It was the pen that held his younger self’s attention. The point, a shimmer of gold. A…

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  • The Truth About You

    The Truth About You Amber Brevig It pains me to say this but it’s you pilfering my last semblance of sanity fighting every word that comes out of my mouth you consistently overcrowding me, blocking me seemingly purposefully cutting apart clear reasoning you without even knowing with a surgeon’s precision, slicing taking the truth only…

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  • The Artist

    The Artist Lily Gold   She stalks her prey like a hawk in the night Encircling it until it cowers under her power She twitches This is not the moment, she says This is not the one And like that she retreats to the comforts of her house Where her husband waits under warm sheets…

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