Category: Fiction – 15th Edition

  • Atomic Ballet

    Your time is coming, Dima. 5.83 billion people wait with bated breath. Your next actions will determine the genesis of this new world. Wake up, starik. On the Far Eastern coast of Russia, within the port city of Magadan, Officer Dimitri Vasiliev sat alone at a table in a hostel lunchroom, speaking to a voice…

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  • The Ride Through the Night

    As the night slowly shifted, a man sat and held the reins of a carriage. The large wooden box moved on slowly through the dark and dreary pathway in the ancient forest. The trees moved lightly as the wind picked up and dropped off. The man looked out into the dark road ahead and saw…

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  • Starry Night

    I still remember the stars on that night. Diamonds, brilliant white, sparkling in the heavens. The air was cool, refreshing even, carrying the scent of rain from the afternoon. I could see my reflection in the puddles that littered the street. Why was my face so cold? So dead? So devoid of any emotion? It…

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  • 15th Edition – COMING SOON!

    Check back later for the newest edition of Arrowrock!

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