The Protagonist

I don’t want to be

Just another maiden

Affixed somewhere

In a man’s story

I, too,

Want the power,

The adventures,

And the glory

Not Persephone,


Medusa, Helen,

or Demeter

If my choice is between

supporting actress

And love interest,

I choose neither

I know the perils,

The hardships,

And the trials

That may come my way

I will choose the life

Filled with choice

Every single time

And every day

I want to travel far

And solve mysteries

And slay the beast

And save the world

And I’ll do it all

To be the best

Just like all the rest

Not just good for a girl

Victoria Lane is a graduating senior at Lindenwood, completing her degree with majors in Game Design, Digital and Web Design, and Art History. She plans to continue her education through Lindenwood’s Writing MFA, where she intends to write more original fiction and poetry. She loves to read comic books, collect action figures, watch films, play video games, make art, and yes, write. 

Portfolio –

Instagram – @victoriamadilynlanee 

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